Here is information about where we sourced fabrics, where they were sewn, and who we sought out for pattern-making, prototype development, and manufacturing advice:

1. Sewing and design co-working studio that helped with prototype development in Los Angeles, CA:  

-Thank you, Yena!

2. Organic and sustainable soy and cotton fabric supplier in San Francisco, CA: 

- Thank you Krys, Dawn, and team! 

3.  Hemp supplier in Los Angeles, CA using materials imported from China: (Note that hemp, while arguably more sustainable for making fabrics, is still not legal to grow in the U.S., so this company "works directly with farmers, factories, and manufacturers [in China] to ensure we are providing the most natural hemp products with the most minimal impact on the planet.")

4.  Woman-owned sewing workshop in Chula Vista, CA: 

- Thank you, Adriana!

5.  Pattern grading and marking in San Diego, CA: 

- Thank you, Kathleen!

6. Fabric cutting by United Cutting in National City, CA.  

- Thank you Javier!”