Giving Back

100% of profits will be donated to Yoga Unbound

RadialWear was established to remove one small obstacle from the practice of yoga by people of all genders: the obstacle of finding something comfortable to wear that isn’t restricted by gender and that is made ethically of organic and sustainably harvested materials.

Because of this commitment to making yoga more accessible, we have decided to donate *100%* of all profits from RadialWear for 2019 to the organization called Yoga Unbound:
Yoga Unbound is a wonderful non-profit program whose mission is “to cultivate the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ and people of color communities by providing accessible yoga that is rooted in social justice.”  
Like RadialWear, Yoga Unbound was established “to remove the barriers between marginalized communities and their access to yoga. Yoga Unbound focuses strongly on those barriers that the queer and trans community face, while understanding that when a space becomes safe for queer and trans folks, it also becomes a space that is inclusive of all. 
The intention of Yoga Unbound is to create spaces where all bodies feel accepted, validated and can simply exist; unbound by the limitations that this society places on our identities. Toward this end, Yoga Unbound offers free and sliding scale yoga classes of various styles with experienced yoga teachers who represent the communities they are teaching and who have undergone training in LGBTQ+ especially Transgender Cultural Competency.”
Yoga Unbound is a 501 (C) 3 organization that hosts scholarship programs to help students take yoga classes at partnering studios and to fund LGBTQ+ identified students through Yoga Teacher Training Programs, and they also compensate teachers with the aim of offering more accessible yoga classes (making it possible to offer classes at no or low cost to students). Any profits from your purchase of RadialWear shorts will go directly to Yoga Unbound.  
Check them out!