RadialWear Yoga Shorts Owner

When I first started doing yoga I couldn’t figure out what to wear. Leggings marketed to women felt too tight, while shorts marketed to men felt too baggy—and both were often made from materials that felt slick and unnatural, by industry giants who seem more interested in fashion than function. Turns out I wasn’t alone: Over the years, many people I talked to—from guys in mainstream yoga studios to members of my Queer & Trans* Yoga Community class—felt frustrated by the lack of options.  

So I decided to make shorts myself. Using the basic design of climbing pants—a central gusset that allows full range of motion when clambering up a slope—I experimented with inseam length and overall proportions until I found the ideal proportions for yoga. Then I tested numerous fabrics until I found the perfect blend of organic hemp, soy, and cotton (with a touch of lycra) to offer structure without sacrificing softness and stretch. Finally, I found a local, woman-owned sewing company that was willing to do small-batch orders and guide me through the maze of textile production.

RadialWear is a bit of an experiment: my attempt to remove one small obstacle to the comfortable practice of yoga by people of all genders.  I am not a professional entrepreneur, just someone who has really appreciated yoga’s many health benefits.

This entire experiment was made possible by the generosity of friends, family, and strangers who donated to a crowdfunding campaign last year, which generated the funds needed to do a full production run:  Thank you everyone!!