Radial Shorts

All-genders yoga shorts. Full-circle movement.

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Radial Shorts

The most comfortable shorts you'll ever own. Full-circle movement.

Radial Shorts are the first all-genders yoga shorts, with an innovative design allowing full-circle movement. Made locally using organic materials. 100% of profits donated to community.

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“These are my favourite yoga shorts - I literally wear them all the time; for teaching, practicing and just day-to-day life…I’ve pretty much never taken them off."

by Sandy King

“Fellow yoga practitioners: Honestly, these are the best yoga shorts that I have ever tried! They are so comfortable, and the high quality organic cotton makes the fabric breathable which is perfect for challenging asanas. Not to mention the unique design that is "roomy" at the right place!”

by Noel - Sydney, Australia

"Radialwear changed the game for me. They look great, they are snug and are made with the absolute best intentions for yogis of all genders."

by Keith Kempis

I love that the shorts are organic cotton and ethically produced. You can practice yoga more comfortably, you save the environment and contribute to worker’s rights and dignity.”

by Nori - Sydney Australia